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What is Jts4Gwt?

Jts4Gwt is a library which enables you to use the JTS classes in GWT, in case you want to use Geometry operations directly on a client (web browser) for a rich user experience, for example: creating buffers around your geometries or if you just want to use your domain classes directly in the client


It works by emulating the JTS classes on the client side with methods that only use the JRE sub-set available to GWT. It is based on JTS 1.10 code, but should work with newer JTS versions as well on the server side

You can use it in your project by :

1) Downloading the library from the project site or with Maven by adding the following to your pom.xml:

NOTE: If you downloaded the jar directly from the project, make sure you add the original JTS Jar to your class path as well.

2) After downloading the library you have to inherit it in you GWT module:


If you need any kind of help, feel free to contact the author, Alexandre Pretyman at